“Once Upon a Time” Season 5 Interview
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EW goes inside the mind of the Dark One, a.k.a. The Dark Swan, with an extensive chat with Jennifer Morrison about what’s in store:

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about where we’re picking up with Emma, since the Comic-Con video showed her in a jail cell in the Enchanted Forest.
JENNIFER MORRISON: Right. That was just a teaser to show what we’re looking at. That’s not a piece of the show, so that was just for Comic-Con. That’s not an extraction from the actual episode.

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“Once Upon a Time” Season 5 Promo
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A new promo video for the fifth season of “Once Upon A Time” has been released. The series returns on Sunday, September 27th on ABC.

Source: tvline.com

“Once Upon A Time” Season 5 Sneak Peek Photo
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Once Upon A Time - Season 5 Sneak Peek Photo

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EW has an exclusive first look photo from the upcoming season premiere, in which Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) appears to offer Emma (Jennifer Morrison) a hand in controlling her new powers. “If you’re going to be the Dark One, gotta learn from the best,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis coyly tease.

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9 “Once Upon a Time” Secrets They Spilled at New York Comic Con
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Once Upon a Time is full of secrets, a few of which were spilled at New York Comic Con on Friday.

Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis sat down with star Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) for a candid chat about the show’s Frozen season. From details about the mysterious Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) to intriguing hints about Emma’s future with both Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), here are nine things we learned at the panel.

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1. Hook and Emma’s relationship is going to the next level

Though Emma has been hot and cold with Hook all season, they’re about to pass a big relationship milestone: a real date. “Emma and Hook’s first proper date is next week and it will not be at Granny’s,” Kitsis promised. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a complete gentleman. “I think he’s going to be inspired by Emma, but next week’s episode we are going to see more of his pirate side.”

2. There’s going to be a Rumplestiltskin vs. Hook showdown

At NYCC, Sunday’s episode was screened for the audience and featured a tense moment between Hook and Rumple. In next week’s episode, Horowitz says that interaction will be revisited, with the focus shifting off of Frozen characters for the “Rumple and Hook-centric” hour.

3. Regina and Emma will start connecting more

No, they’re not getting together, much to SwanQueen fans’ chagrin, but Henry’s moms will be exploring their friendship this season. “They have a tremendous amount in common. They’re women who have both made mistakes — very different mistakes, but mistakes — and have struggled in their lives and wanted to find the better versions of themselves. I think they’re both fighting for that in certain ways,” Morrison said of Emma and Regina. “She connects to Regina and has enjoyed her friendship. Until Elsa arrived, Regina was the only one she could relate to with powers and help her in the past. That is a way they have connected that no one has been able to do in the past. Emma will prove that she wants to be her friend [in Season 4].”

Morrison’s suggestion for bonding? “Let’s build a snowman!”

4. The Frozen action isn’t going to stray far from the movie

Horowitz explained that they didn’t want to “reinvent something that was so amazing to begin with” when it came to Frozen, and Kitsis added that they’re not thinking about “what the Frozen sequel would have been.” Instead, they’re going to focus on other characters, like how “the Snow Queen looks like she has a connection to Emma.”

5. The journey to find the writer of the book will last all season

The Frozen arc is only set for 11 episodes, but Regina’s search for the author of Henry’s fairy tale book will “transcend both halves” of the season, according to Kitsis. Look out for a new mission with Henry and Regina teaming up as a “big story” this year. One person to rule out? August. Horowitz promises, “August is not the writer. We saw him alter the book in Season 1, but he gets no royalties.”

6. Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s separate storylines are totally different

As expected, Rumple won’t exactly be honest this season. “Everything he is doing is for a reason, and that reason is for the benefit of himself,” Kitsis teased of Mr. Gold’s relationship with the Snow Queen this season, something that is explored in Sunday’s episode.

On the flip side, we’ll see flashbacks of Belle with her mom — played by Frances O’Connor — and “why Belle became a hero and wanted to be a hero,” Kitsis said.

7. Snow and Charming’s roles will be upped this season

“There are some really good twists coming,” Morrison teased of her onscreen parents’ upcoming storyline. Given that they have been simply enjoying parenthood while Snow tries to run the town as mayor, we’re guessing that means the couple getting back into the action.

8. Elsa and the Snow Queen have quite a past

In this Sunday’s episode, the Snow Queen and Elsa have a powerful interaction involving Emma, Charming, and Hook. That trend will continue as the Snow Queen helps her see what their powers can do — and how they affect others. “Clearly we realize Elsa hasn’t had a lot of contact with people who have magic and she has always felt a little different. I think the Snow Queen was letting her see that,” Kitsis said.

9. Olaf is ruled out, but we’ll meet others from the Frozen world

As Horowitz and Kitsis have said before, the lovable snowman won’t be on Once Upon a Time. “I don’t believe we will be seeing Olaf. He may be obliquely referred to, but I don’t think we will see him,” Horowitz said. “But we will be meeting other people from Frozen.”


Jennifer Morrison: Adding ‘Frozen’ to ‘Once Upon a Time’ Has Been Incredible
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For the cast of “Once Upon a Time” bringing new life to classic characters is a gift that keeps on giving. The cast of the fairytale drama took to the carpet at the show’s season four premiere Sunday at the El Capitan, and talked about what it’s like to continue adding to classic but evolving mythology.

“As an actor it’s all you want,” exclaimed Rebecca Mader, who stared in the back half of season three as the Wicked Witch Zelena, out for vengeance against half-sister Regina. “You get the chance to show all the dimensions – the reasons why a character’s become what they’ve become. I love that they gave that to Zelena.”

As opposed to making villains on the series strictly the big bad, “Once Upon a Time’s” writers have developed a reputation for showing something more recognizable in the backstories of their characters, heroes and villains alike. “It’s what makes TV and film interesting,” said Mader, “when you take a villainous character and add dimensions it’s just delicious,” she said, noting that the joy is in developing arcs that viewers can care about and become invested in.

Coming up, viewers can expect to see the return of “Frozen’s” villain, Prince Hans, played by Tyler Jacob Moore. The storyline will resume almost immediately from where the animated film left off, with Hans kicked out of Arendelle and sent back to his 12 brothers, who, as Moore said, “are not going to be too happy with him and what he’s done.”

Moore added that while his character is only seen as a bad guy, thus far, is “Once” storyline will get a “reasoning behind the madness. I think they’re doing a good job of giving the audience little hints and teases of why Prince Hans would do this.” The actor exclaimed that he was previously a part of the anti-Hans camp with fans of the film, though now that he gets to portray the character he’s realizing the importance of adding to the stories, a situation that comes with a certain expected pressure.

“Nothing quite prepares you for people screaming out ‘Let It Go,’” laughed Georgina Haig, who is joining the cast as Elsa. Haig walked the carpet with Elizabeth Lail, who plays younger sister Anna in her first on-screen appearance. The two noted that they’re “excited but nervous” about reviving the characters after their box-office-busting debut last November, and are looking forward to building on the stories audiences have already fallen in love with.

“There is pressure,” Haig said, “because the Elsa/Anna story has really hit a nerve with people in a way that is kind of sacred. The spirit of that very much follows through into ‘Once Upon a Time,’” the actresses shared before a screening of the premiere episode that introduces the sisters to the “Once” story, through a mystery unaddressed in the film.

“That’s the fun for us,” said series creator Adam Horowitz. “What we’re doing is taking those characters and throwing them into the mix of what we’ve been doing for three seasons, and we think it scrambles up the playing field in a fun way.”

“I think that’s everything, really,” added JoAnna Garcia Swisher, the show’s Ariel. “What makes the show unique is having the backstories and the original charm and glamor, mixed with all these fresh ideas.”

“Adding ‘Frozen’ to the show has been incredible,’ said Jennifer Morrison, who will be spending screen time with Haig as Emma and Elsa bond over learning how to control their respective magic. “[The writers] do such a wonderful job of adding layers to these stories that we’ve known for years and now we’re doing it with a fresher fairytale.”

Season four of “Once Upon a Time” premieres at 8 p.m. Sept. 28 on ABC.


Once Upon a Time: Emma’s New Life, Regina’s New Love and a Wicked New Villain
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There are still seven weeks until Once Upon a Time returns! That’s the bad news. The good news is TVGuide.com caught up with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to get the scoop on what’s ahead.

The last we left our favorite fairy tale characters, Peter Pan’s (Robbie Kay) attempt to reuse Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) curse forced everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, effectively destroying Storybrooke. But Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Henry (Jared Gilmore), who were not part of the original curse, could not come along. Instead, their memories were wiped and they were living happily, one year later, in New York City until Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) showed up with news that her parents were in trouble. Find out what (and who) is coming next:

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Why was it Hook that came to Emma and Henry’s home in New York City?
Adam Horowitz:
 That is an excellent question. Why and how? 
Edward Kitsis: What’s he doing back? What the hell is going on?
Horowitz: We’re answering your question with more questions. It’s not why Hook, but how Hook and when Hook? What does it mean? That’s something that we get to, again, pretty quickly.

The true love’s kiss did not work. What lengths will Hook have to go to get Emma to actually believe?
Assuming that he does, it will not be easy, as it never is with Emma.

Emma finally joins the club of having two sets of memories. Will that be explored?
Horowitz: The ramifications of this new life of Emma’s that we glimpsed at the end of the winter finale and what would happen if she did regain her memories play a huge part in the second half of the season.

How different is this Emma from the one we’ve known?
It was an important thing. Emma, as a character, we love her. She has some new memories, but that didn’t ruin her upbringing. She still grew up tough, she still grew up with a wall. It was her against the world and what we’ll see is with these new memories it’s now her and Henry against the world. She still is the same person, but we’re going to really explore what her life is like in Episode 12 called “New York City Serenade.”

Christopher Gorham appears in that episode. What’s his connection to Emma?
Chris is an old friend. We worked with him onPopular a million years ago. We love him and we’re so excited that he agreed to come aboard. 
Kitsis: We called him and said, “You need to do this for us.” He was great. 
Horowitz: We love his character. 
Kitsis: He’s an integral part of two characters’ lives.

Emma might not have memories, but she still has magic. Could she stumble upon that?
We did see her drive out of town, so there’s no magic on that side. She is strong, but if we remember in Season 1, you have to believe in magic to see it.

Do the fairy tale characters sent back to the Enchanted Forest still have their memories of Storybrooke?
Yes. They know and that gets explored. 
Horowitz: As we laid out in the winter finale, Emma was the one who being back there was going to lose those memories and have this new life. The fairy tale characters get left with the pain and knowledge of what happened over the years that the show has been on and what they’ve been through. None of that is erased.

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) are in danger. Does this have to do with the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader)?
Horowitz: That’s an excellent guess. The Wicked Witch plays a huge part in the season half of Season 3. 
Kitsis: She’s the big bad. She’s a bada– witch who knows how to get hers. She does have a name. 
Horowitz: You will learn it pretty quickly. It’s not a name you’ve heard in Wicked Witch lore before. 
Kitsis: Like in Once fashion, we’re doing our own name, our own thing with its own meaning. 
Horowitz: It’s not like the play Wicked or the MGM movie. We’re using the books as a jumping-off point to do our Once twist on the classic characters of Oz.

It looks like she’s taken up residence in Regina’s castle. 
It does look that way! 
Kitsis: You know Regina. How do you think Regina will handle someone sitting in her chair looking through her stuff?
Horowitz: And eating her porridge?

What can you tell us about the Evil Queen’s relationship with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire)?
They have a connection that we hinted at and talked about earlier this season. Their stories are going to intersect. 
Kitsis: We set something up for a reason. We’re really going to explore what that meant and what happens when these two people meet. We’re going to see what happens when Regina has a second chance at love.

Tell us about some of the new characters coming in. 
We have a whole bunch of fun people popping up, but it’s in service of focusing on the core group of characters and the problem that you saw outlined in the winter finale. 
Kitsis: We’re still going to get to see Tink (Rose McIver) again and Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and some of the people we met in the first half of the season as well. Lumiere (Henri Lubatti) is one of our favorite characters. He’s really fun and interesting. 
Horowitz: It’s a slightly different take than what you might expect from the movie. Alas, Jerry Orbach is not with us so we couldn’t bring him aboard to do it, but we have a take on the character that we think is fun. It’s fun to see him interact with Belle (Emilie de Ravin). 
Kitsis: With Rapunzel (Alexandra Metz), it’s princes and damsels in towers.

There’s a possibility for a Snow and Charming baby. So Goodwin’s pregnancy is being written in?
Kitsis: We definitely hinted that she wanted to have another child. They’re certainly going to try. 
Horowitz: We’ll deal with the realities of her pregnancy, but how we do it, we’re not ready to share. When you saw Snow saw her secret about that, it was well before we knew Ginny was pregnant. We’re telling the story that we’ve been setting up since the beginning of the season. 
Kitsis: But you know, every time Snow White gets pregnant, hell gets unleashed. 
Horowitz: Pregnancies tend to attract some chaos.

What can you tease about the wedding?
Yes, there may be a wedding, a birth and a lot of things. 
Horowitz: We’re not ready to send the save the dates out yet, but we can possibly expect some nuptials.

Regina still wants a child. Will that be explored?
The hole of Henry in her heart, that we’re going to explore and how that affects her and what it makes her do. 
Kitsis: She definitely wants to have another child, but for right now, she’s not thinking about that. She just lost one. For Regina, it’s what is going to make her heal again and where is she going to go. We know she filled the hole in her heart by doing the most selfless thing we’ve ever seen. She did what’s best for Henry and gave him up to Emma, her sworn enemy, so they can have a better life. What happens when she returns to the Enchanted Forest? She needs to fall in love first. Right now, she’s not open to anything. 
Horowitz: She’s not looking to replace Henry. As far as she is concerned, Henry is irreplaceable.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 9 at 8/7c on ABC.


“Once Upon A Time” Scoop From Mega Buzz
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Over at Mega Buzz, they have some scoop on what we can expect with Emma during the 3rd season of “Once Upon A Time”!

Anything you can reveal about Once Upon a Time with the premiere getting closer each day? — Steph, via Twitter

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NATALIE: Emma will take a surprising leadership role when the ragtag group of friends and foes heads to Neverland. “She’s surrounded by people who have been at each other’s throats for different reasons and are continuing to be,” Jennifer Morrison says. “But we are not going to be able to save Henry unless we all come together, so she has to be the voice of reason to overcome those differences. It’s going to leave room for new alliances that we don’t expect and also new conflicts.”

“Once Upon A Time” Scoop From Ask Ausiello
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There’s some new scoop on what’s coming up on “Once Upon A Time” from Ask Ausiello!

Question: I’ve just finished watching the first season of Once Upon a Time and I love it, especially the relationship between Emma and August/Pinocchio. Do you know if he is coming back in Season 2? —Gaia

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Ausiello: Yes, as previously reported, Eion Bailey will resurface later this season as August — as will Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman! — but Emma will only reunite with one the fellas. “I don’t have scenes with Jamie, unfortunately,” Jennifer Morrison shares with us, “but I do have scenes with Eion.” Bonus Scoop: Though Matt Mitovich teased in the new Spoiler Alert! that there would be one death in this Sunday’s episode, technically there are two — one in each realm.

“Once Upon a Time” Postmortem
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s midseason finale of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

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TV Guide Interview
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Those who thought breaking the curse on Once Upon a Time would restore happiness for our favorite fairy-tale characters will be in for a rude awakening when the magical ABC series returns Sunday (8/7c on ABC).

The curse being broken and magic coming to Storybrooke is, in fact, not a good thing — despite the smile on Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) face. “The breaking of the curse is the beginning of the final battle,” Jennifer Morrison warns TVGuide.com. Along the way, though, there will be some heartwarming, if not at times awkwardly hilarious reunions between the residents of Storybrooke, especially when it comes to the Charming family. But they’ll quickly realize that the battle that once raged in fairy-tale land will continue in the real world.

To find out what the battle will entail, we turned to Morrison and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis for an in-depth look at the second season of Once Upon a Time.

Fair(y-tale) warning: Spoilers ahead!

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